Better your living space.

Company overview

SUNZOOM is a furniture manufacturer dedicated to enhancing the hotel living experience. After 16 years of hardworking, the company has developed into a strategic furniture supplier for hotel groups such as Wyndham (China) Hotel Group, Choice International Hotel Group, BTG Global Nanyuan Hotel, etc. It has the ability to design inner decorations and furnishings. The three self-owned factories have a total production capacity of more than 500 million customized furniture, and the total number of the company is more than 500. In 2021, the turnover will be nearly 400 million yuan, serving more than 200 hotels in China and the United States.

Brand quality

SUNZOOM started in 2006 and entered the custom furniture industry in 2008. It has gradually improved product quality in line with market demand, upgraded technology, production equipment and other hard power and service soft power, and continued to optimize the internal process system of the organization to reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers. In 2014, the US subsidiary BATH KNOT INC (BK Hospitality) was established to start selling and serving the hotel furniture industry locally in the US. The surge in orders in the US market reduced the company's raw material costs by 20% and greatly improved the competitiveness of domestic market products.In 2018, Shouzhong Home Furnishings laid out the domestic market, achieved the industry-leading level in all aspects of housing measurement, design, installation, logistics and other services, and opened up a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain in the domestic market, reducing losses and speeding up the response for customers. Provide reliable and secure one-stop service.

Strategic plan

Deeply cultivate the hotel furniture industry, realize the digitalization of furniture production business and the globalization of the market. The company adheres to the historical mission of "Better Solution At Your Fingertips", and gradually realizes the company's three major visions.